ICBI is an organization, which helps in the growth and development of Business and also provides valuable knowledge to entrepreneurs for Startups. We provide unparalleled business growth not only through Referral networks but also by providing provocative learning programs with unique resources, giving new business opportunities to invest, sharing new business ideas for joint ventures, sharing existing business models to be replicated at a different geographical locations and many more. We would even provide a platform to help in international relationship and business opportunities and will be the voice of our members to the statutory authorities, bureaucrats and government officials.

Time is one of the biggest assets of an entrepreneur and no amount of money can buy time for anyone of us. As, a result we at ICBI value time of each of its members and all its program will be linked through WEBINAR so that one can have the liberty to witness any program from the place of our convenience.

Our mission is to help us learn and grow on a personal and professional level. We in ICBI strictly follow our motto “Connect, Trust, Grow”.

The biggest strength and asset of ICBI is the power of V. It is a unique chamber where all the ‘I’ Dream of a member, is converted into a ‘V’ Dream of each and every member.

The seven facets of ICBI is as under -

(New Business Opportunities)

Business today is all about exploring new ideas and encashing the opportunities that comes to us. "V-Create" has been formed wherein we shall have renowned panelists who shall explore the ideas of new ventures and at the same time also have array of options for prospective investors. Thus, making ICBI the most sought after Business Chamber offering all possible solutions under one umbrella. To further elaborate many of us have new ideas but are looking for investing partners, at the same time many of us are looking to invest to new ideas and this facet is specifically designed for the same.

V-Create programs also provides its members the benefit to get a successful Franchise module from its other members for exchanging Business benefits and taking their respective ideas to bigger heights cumulatively

(Intellectual Growth)

V-Learn program provide generic learning module for better development of business skills and knowledge. Along with structured educational content focused on the core areas of first-stage businesses, V-Learn program provide you the unique experience of learning and connecting with the world’s most influential entrepreneurs, expertise and industry heads.

Learning will be administered through live events which would be conducted by individual chapters wherein industry leaders and experts will come and share their experience; professional speakers will conduct workshops and seminars; and members will share best practices of their industry. The live events will also be available as live webinars to members of other cities anywhere in the world through online link available on the ICBI website member’s page. Non industry based generic learning modules will be available via e-modules which will help in better business acumen, productivity and work culture.

(International Platform For Business Owners To Connect Across Businesses & Governments Overseas)

In the current worldwide economic situation, being culturally aware and interculturally competent is a must for success in this highly competitive international market. Successful business people from all over the world are competing for top positions in international organizations. Being business savvy and having a good track record at home is no longer enough to secure the best roles in the global arena.

ICBI will have its presence throughout the globe, all its members can connect conveniently with each other vide their various program. ICBI focuses on international relationship by connecting with various chambers throughout the globe. It will conduct exchange program of delegates from other chambers to explore new ideas.

(Voice of the industry with the government)

One of the most important functions of a chamber is to be the bridge and voice between its members and the government machineries. We too will have trade delegations that represent the voice of the industry. We are a robust chamber, whichwill collect ideas vide participations from all members to become the voice of the industry towards the government and its policies. We will also provide arbitration assistance for ICBI members.

(Meetings,cross networking & p2p connect)

ICBI comprises of innumerable chapters throughout the globe, V-Meet is a program where all member of the chapter meet at least once every quarter. These meetings allow you to dig deep, personally and professionally, in a safe and non-judgmental environment. The events are designed to meet your unique needs as an entrepreneur and help you reach new measures of success and significance.

ICBI believes that Time is Money and varied members have varied interests. Few members are keen to meet more often and expand their network. Different Chapters will organize business Conclaveat different time intervals, which will be a platform for Cross Networking between various Chapters members.

One of the best ways to understand the business and ideas of a fellow member is through ONE 2 ONE meet and this too will also be a unique feature of this facet. We can send an invite vide our profile page to any member for the same and can fix an appointment at a mutual time and place on his acceptance.

(Connecting businesses through technology and mobile app)

V-Connect is a Powerhouse Program to bring business Referrals and short listed information of business needs on your fingertips. All members are provided with a personal page to introduce themselves to other members around the globe. It provides an easy mechanism to get the most optimum business connect based on premium STAR rating by other members which is rewarded on the basis of the satisfaction of the business transaction between them.

Every inquiry floated by the members on the web will be smartly filtered by terms of Industry and Geographical Location .The identity of the member floating the inquiry is not revealed, while the member whoever responds positive to the enquiry, his details will be shared to the person initiating the enquiry. Further, the member will have the option of filtering the best, on basis of credits and then connecting with the Entrepreneur.

A lifetime of learning is at your fingertips through an online platform designed to support your personal and professional needs through immediate member-to-member connection. Which enables the experts and the members to interact from any part of the world to solve and suggest any business solution.

(Strategic Knowledge Dissemination)

V-Excel is a program where every member is automatically becoming member of the Chapter as well as his respective Industry vertical. V-Excel is an attempt to bridge the gap of Industry knowledge by creating such cross connection and trust between its members, where competition and knowledge sharing will not be a matter of concern.
For example a Chemical Business industry in Chennai shall possibly have no resistance in sharing his Business ideas and best practices to his peer in Bengal or Maharashtra. One of the major benefits by this facet shall be Technology up gradation where in a member of the same industry shall share his latest technology adopted to his peers with sharing the right resources and cost parameters etc., so that the member shall be highly benefitted by such exchange of knowledge, which shall be full proof as the other member have already adapted to the new technology, thus removing the fear of resistance to change. To further add more confidence, in case any member likes the idea of a technology upgrade and would like to see the unit working with it personally can also request the fellow member to visit his plant.
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